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Landscape Architectural Design
Lanscape Architecture SEED Group produces planting designs that are sensitive to the site and the needs of the client, from the most lushly, colorful to the most sustainable, drought-tolerant planting palettes. We have experience creating planting designs to meet LEED certification requirements, as well as to meet Fuel Modification requirements of the Los Angeles County Fire Department.
SEED Group creates hardscape designs that are harmonious with their environment, while balancing the requirements of the site and the needs of the client.
Irrigation Design
SEED Group produces highly efficient, water-conserving irrigation designs. We have experience developing irrigation designs to meet LEED certification requirements.
Grading and Drainage
SEED Group provides grading designs that maximize the use of space and minimizing the environmental impact to the site while meeting agency(ies) requirements and client needs.
Fuel Modification
We have extensive experience in creating beautiful, fire-wise landscapes that meet the Fuel Modification regulations set forth by the Los Angeles County Fire Department. The goal in Fuel Modification is to reduce the potential for wildfires. By eliminating highly flammable plants and replacing them with plants that are more fire-resistant, we can help resist the spread of wildfires.
We fulfill our clients' aesthetic wishes and functional needs, while enhancing their safety by using plantings and hardscape to create a defensible space around the home.
Water Resource Management
SEED Group provides technical and intuitive Water Resource Management solutions that encompass landscape, irrigation, and grading and drainage design experience to meet municipal and local requirements, as well as LEED goals and certification.
Construction Documentation
SEED Group provides timely, accurate, and consistent construction documents. We rely on established quality control procedures using design checklists and the primary reviews of both the Principal in Charge and the Project Manager.
landscape renderingSEED Group produces artistic presentation renderings to help clients better visualize the proposed design solutions and alternatives.
Cost Estimation
SEED Group provides current and accurate cost estimations for its designs.
SEED Group offers cost control procedure includes value engineering approach and life cycle costing to insure budget control and maximize cost savings without jeopardizing design quality and functionality.
SEED Group provides technically current specifications for their designs in standard and agency tailored formats.